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Madeira Flower Celebration
Any town comes alive throughout the spring and summer seasons, it's surely Funchal. A city that nearly goes through a rebirth and a blossoming each new year. As spring arrives the population feel that Funchal is in the ideal spot, as the incorrect is put right. It's a city designed for sunshine and when the sun comes, the flowers blossom. The city has discovered a way it's unique way to commemorate the occasion. Funchal welcomes spring time with it's arms wide open, figuring out that the kindness will be paid in shade and perfume. For almost 5 days the streets of Funchal get submerged by Flower Celebration.

The month of April is the host to the Flower Festival, coinciding with the time that the bulk of the flowers are blossoming. Officially the party is only two days but the whole city has the Flower Celebration sensation. There are folklore groups and clowns and other street performers helping to the joy and sunshine.

Music also plays a enormous part in any celebration and there are continuously bands playing, being it outside, in parks or in the auditoriums. Perfuming the streets are hundreds of flowers that are displayed in tremendous flower beds that every single parish creates, a tradition that has been turned into a competition over the decades.

All through the streets these flower beds take up hundreds of square meters that intoxicate the town with the sweet odor and represents a creation with genuine artistic value. Waking up in Funchal for the duration of the Flower Festival is almost like being on vacation. It's the identical sensation of celebration and sun and fun close to you. The key activities in the course of Flower Celebration are just two.Every single school organizes their classes and schoolchildren so they can put together their costumes . The young children then participate in a parade spreading flowers and dancing through the center of the town.

The joy that the youngsters have to participate in the Flower Celebration is definitely moving. They do it with such enthusiasm that is exceptional their dedication to one thing so traditional. The last part of the day is made up of the children putting a message they wrote on their own on a foliage wall. The Wall of Hope has at the end of the day hundreds of wishes that the little ones have composed that they believe could enhance the world. The other major event of the Flower Party is a parade. There are stands put aside the streets so that everybody can see the spectacle, even people who can't stand in the midst of the crowd. The parade goes on for practically an hour and there are numerous themes and floaters that are often accompanied by dancers of all size and ages.

The whole population gladly participates in it, dispensing their time income and work so that the total town can get part in the huge celebration that is the Flower Festival. This is a outcome of the involvement of the young children in the process, making them constantly want the upcoming Flower Party to be bigger and greater.


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